Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, I graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism (Honors) in Photojournalism, from Rhodes University.  I started my career in 2010 as a photographer for commercial and private clients and have directed a wide array of projects in the film and photographic arenas since.  South Africa, instilled in me a love for dynamic work environments as I grew the skills necessary to work, understand and bridge the gap between diverse people groups.  

In 2015, I started Parody Gang™, a creative collective whose works provoke thought and challenge status quo.  Partnering progression with integrity.  Successfully, we launched ‘This Is Fiction™’, a 24-part docu-fiction series, which leads viewers on a quest through millennial subculture stereotypes.  The series is as entertaining as it is thought provoking. This Is Fiction™ is being piloted amidst focus groups in 21 cities around the world.  The response has been humorous, engaging and provocative.  Most importantly, it is starting a new conversation amidst millennials.  We are looking to partner with brands who are unafraid to question societal norms, so as to flight the series to larger audiences. 

In 2017,  with Parody Gang™ I began the development of a sophisticated, yet versatile clothing collection.  Created with high-quality, eco-fabrics, accessories, dyes and ethical workmanship wherever possible.  With product development underway, it is a journey of design thinking, challenge and innovation. 

In June, 2018, I relocated to Poland, to explore opportunity in Europe.  I am currently seeking out possible project synergies which may exist between Europe and Africa.  

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