30 Day Challenges - Ask 'Why'?

Why ask yourself WHY? 

“I’ll start next Monday” is something you want to stop saying every Monday.  Knowing WHY you want to do something not only helps you start, but it’ll put your last quarter on, and play the Authority Song, just as you’re about to give up.

“I fight authority, authority always wins”

Your WHY, or reason for doing something, is your authority.  It holds the power over your will.  Will power will only get you so far, authority drives you to the finish line. You can say you’re doing a 30 day fitness challenge all you like, but if you don’t know why, the couch is still going lure you with promises of comfort.  “To get fit”, is not your why.  Examples of a fitness challenge WHY would be:  “So I can stop passing out when I get to the top of a staircase" or  “So I can carry my shopping bags without cramping” or “So that if T-Pain ever does actually step up in the building, I can join everybody else as their 'hands go up, and they stay there, and they stay there'”. 

How do you connect with your WHY?

  1. List your challenges.
  2. Don’t just go for the easiest, go for the one you WANT most (great advice for 2am, drunk in the club).
  3. Write down a few reasons WHY you want to, or what you’re hoping to gain from the experience.
  4. For those 30days, as you wake up, remind yourself of your WHY (alarm clock reminder, post-it notes etc.)

The "WHY" wears the pants

There have been challenges that have energised me, which I’ve stuck to with immense discipline, and there have been challenges I’ve binned half way.  I started to ask myself why.  Why were some challenging to do, but easy to finish, whilst others were easy to do, but challenging to finish?  The answer was in the question.  The WHY.  I noticed that when we have a deep belief/reason with regards to why we do something, even if that reason is just “I really want to learn about this”, it isn’t half as difficult to stick to.  We all motivate ourselves in different ways.  WHY will help that motivation to carry you through the your 30 Day Challenge.

Jimmy Eat World's "Authority Song", singing about John Mellencamp's "The Authority Song", followed by T-Pain talking about himself in DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win".