Ever since that whole ‘apple from the tree’ incident, Temptation has been getting a bad rap.

We shun the outcast, trying hard to ignore the lust that races through our blood.  Admire temptation?  Now there’s a bizarre celebration.  We’d rather “pretend we don’t exist, let’s pretend we’re in Antarctica.”

It's the sultress when you're trying not to be seduced.

Temptation is Andy Grammer’s somebody at home, knowing that if 'he stays he probably won’t leave alone'.  It digs up feelings of guilt and shame and reminds us that we are not as strong as we pretend to be.  In spite of this, giving in to temptation is still the easy part.    It is easier to take shortcuts, cheat, bribe, lose your temper, give in, say yes and YOLO, than it is to sit back, wait, say no, and keep your clothes on.  The tough part is acknowledging ‘he who shall not be named’ and saying “Nah nah honey I’m good, I could have another but I probably should not”.  

Temptation isn't a curse.
 It's the instructor training you to win your race. 

There is immense power in delayed gratification.  The ability to decline the quick fixes temptation offers is a skill that will launch you towards your goals.  Respecting temptation, yet not engaging with it, strengthens your will power, and we all know the value that a strong will has in 'achievement and success'. Temptation can teach you how to stay true, rather than simply being there to throw you.  It'll train you to stay on track, if you let it.    

Delaying gratification is one of the best ways to get what you really want.

Instant gratification is our desire, and it’s one that is causing our demise.  We gain nothing by ignoring and then giving into temptation, yet we live in a world where the culture of "now" implores this. Technology has taught us the art of lost focus, the inability to stick to one task and see it through.  We are the ADD nation that keeps strengthening our ability to give in, rather than abstain.   If we can train ourselves to learn from temptation and delay gratification, there is no way we won't achieve what we set out to do. 

Resisting temptation is a muscle.  
The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

  1. Acknowledge temptation.  Pretending it doesn't exist won't equip you to beat it.
  2. Know that when you're being tempted, it's your choice how you react.
  3. Truly connect with how ‘giving in’ will affect your goal
  4. Call a non-judger that will help you stick to your goal
  5. Don’t flirt with temptation for too long, it’s there to strengthen you, but there’s only so much you can take before you succumb.  
  6. Pre-decide on your exit route when things get heated
  7. Practice saying 'no'

I cheated.
It felt good.
Then it felt really bad.

 30 Day Challenge - Mad Derox

30 Day Challenge - Mad Derox

I’m currently doing a 30 Day Mad Detox Challenge.  I’ve been celebrating temptation by saying “no” to things I crave, excited that I am reaching my goal.  I swore at a packet of Doritos in a supermarket, threw them and proceeded to crocodile cry.  Okay real cry.  I proudly removed myself from temptation, went home and cheated anyway.  Giving in set me back and it's been a fight to make up for it.  Beating yourself up when you give into temptation is counter productive.  Choose to learn from the negative emotions you feel afterwards and use them to fuel wiser decisions in the future.  Use temptation, don’t let it use you.

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