Spit or Swallow?

Spit or Swallow?

The reasons, excuses and conditions that affect the answer, span the mess that is this question.  If you do a 30 Day Challenge, you are going to find your head stuck between the difficult choice of spitting repulsion at your Challenge, or sucking it up and swallowing your commitment.  Engaging in any Challenge is a rush.  Whilst there are moments of exhilaration, the unpredictability of the task at hand can make you run for your clothes, a good shower, comfort food and the couch. 

The more prepared you are for the downs that you’re bound to experience during your personal Challenge, the more likely you’ll be able to surface in successful completion.

To help you stick to your goals:

  1. Preempt temptations and possible set-backs
  2. Come up with an action plan of what to do when things get hard
  3. Have someone who can pull you back up when you go down

As Kanye West so eloquently puts it:

“So that explain why I love college, getting brain in the library cause I love knowledge”.  We don’t always have the knowledge about what we’re in for upfront.  Sometimes your challenge pushes you down a path you hate, so it helps to know in advance whether you’re going to reach for, or throw in the towel, when that time comes.

I’m halfway through my mad detox challenge, and I can quite honestly say that most days of this challenge include the gag reflex. 

Am I advocating or condemning oral sex?  Neither. It can be liberating, and it can be a form of both female and misogynistic control.  Stay headstrong.  If your head is being pushed down against your will, don’t be afraid to use your teeth.