Journal of a Startup - uncensored behind the scenes of a Startup

“Startup...working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed”

(Neil Blumenthal, cofounder and co-CEO of Warby Parker). 

The definition of a "Startup" sounds exactly like being a 20 something.  Why is it so important to get your 20s right?  Because how else are you supposed to share Bruno Mars’ dream to “be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen” - or any other dreams you have for yourself?

Work hard, play hard, 
but don’t mix business with pleasure.  
Say what? 

One thing I’ve learnt from studying the cash money moguls that stare down at us from the Forbes list - THEY PLAY WHILE THEY WORK, AND THEIR BUSINESS IS PLEASURE.  Before you throw your office papers in the air and shout the infamous “f*ck this I’m out” in search of your YMCMB shortcut to success, let’s strip the words ‘play’ and ‘pleasure’ of all adult shenanigans and return them to the workplace with a sense of ambitious integrity.  Work is play, do both hard, and business will be pleasure.

Journal of a Startup discovers how mixing business with pleasure, or “doing what you love” can create your best you.  It is about treating yourself as a high quality brand, and launching yourself into adulthood.

As a 20 something, you are a startup.

You are launching yourself into social circles and career opportunities, the same way a brand does.  Business and pleasure are often synonymous, but our drinking, smoking and social media habits mistakenly treat them as separate.  You are your habits, and it's time to start asking yourself whether your habits are going to take you towards the life you envision for yourself, or not.   Journal of a startup is the "how to" - helping you to improve so that you can own who you are - your brand - with pride.  

Journal of a Startup - the most powerful lessons I'm learning, whilst trying to Startup. 

For the last year, I have been researching and figuring out how to start up a company.   I am integrating business with pleasure, sharing what 'doing what you love' entails, and how it can create the best you.  Because let’s face it, “working for the man” is on the phase out, and whether you like it or not, one day you will be a brand, if you aren’t already.  Let's have fun whilst working towards your dream.  It might not be easy, but nothing worth doing is (that's what she said).